Monday, February 23, 2009

My First try on making a QUILT

This is one of the projects that I made 2 yrs back when I was back was the first time I tried to make a quilt.

I had bought some material with which I actually thought to make pillow covers but I kept thinking and thinking and finally I ended up stitching this... :)

Actually it is made with fiber filling. Felt so excited when it was done...but never attempted to make another one since then..

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Basic Stitches

Stitching...specially is something that I love to do..but have not been doing for quite sometime now... :(

As I was sitting and browsing the net one day I got a sudden urge to search out the differnt blogs and see if there was anyone who shared the same interest as mine... and to my suprise...there were SO MANY... I went through most of them. :) and it was a joy to read.

It inspired me a lot..but the most that interested me was the site it attracted me like a magent. There were so many stitches that were listed that I had not heard of :( but, the most happiest was that i could learn from the viedo tutorial that was there.

I had learnt embroidery but i never imagined that there were so many ways and SO MANY stitches.. That is when i realised i had not taken the interest to venture out and search.. i had beenstitching only what i had learnt over and over again.

So the next day I went and got me a yard of cloth and have been trying to make a sample piece of all the stitches i know and i am still learning..

I have just started out by learning.... now waiting eagerly to go back home may be in the next 2-3 months :( and start my projects and surely to post all that I have created though the designs were copied :) ....



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